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I love testing out and experimenting with new products. My scientific brain always pushes me to be naturally keen on testing things for myself first before I make any recommendations. 

My friends know they can always ask me about this new program, or this new diet, this new supplement, or even these new support leggings!

The products will see here at either mine (I am also the co-founder of bebon), or products that I have thoroughly analyzed, tested, and approved. Not all products that are thrown at me end up on this list.

A note on Affiliate:
It's important to understand that some of the links and photos here are affiliate links of which I receive a small commission from sales, at absolutely no additional cost to you (the price is the same for you, plus you might get a coupon code for an additional promo bu using the code I share with you).
Breastfeeding Supplements
Postpartum Supplements
Women's Health Supplements
Clean Skincare for the whole Family

Breastfeeding Supplements

Breastfeeding Bundle - Lactation protein powder + Lactation bites + Lactation Booster

Majka's ultimate breastfeeding supplement bundle! I love it because it has everything your body needs to support your milk production AND your overall recovery! Claim your 10% off with code BONJOURBABY at checkout

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Chocolate Lactation Bites

So yummy! Absolutely love the chocolate flavor 😍 Gluten-free and non-GMOs! I love how they support your milk production and your body recovery at the same time! Claim your 10% off with code BONJOURBABY at checkout

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Lactation Powder

Protein powder meets lactation support! As usual with Majka products, made with premium ingredients, and this absolutely yummy chocolate flavor! Claim your 10% off with code BONJOURBABY at checkout

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Overnight Oats

Oats supporting your milk supply AND your recovery? Yep! You read that right! Packed with adaptogens, substances that are simply adapting to what your body needs! Claim your 10% off with code BONJOURBABY at checkout

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Postpartum Recovery Supplements

Postpartum Support Box

One of my favorite products on the market! Designed to nourish you, whether you’re a new mama or several years into your postpartum journey. These products have 24 ingredients specifically chosen to support digestion, breast milk production, restful sleep, immune health, hormone balance, and replenishing key nutrients for mom and baby

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Replenishing Powder

My absolute favorite! Collagen and multivitamin powder providing you with nutrients absolutely necessary to support your postpartum recovery. Made with probiotics to support your gut health, relaxing magnesium to promote a healthy hormonal balance, and sleep, among others! Claim your 10% off with code BONJOURBABY at checkout

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Replenishing Bites

Gluten-free collagen bites made with over 14 superfoods! Everything you need to support your skin, your hair, your tissue recovery and help you get more needed nutrients in your day! Claim your 10% off with code BONJOURBABY at checkout

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Hair Recovery Supplement

Reducing postpartum hair loss usually starts in the gut and with proper nutrition. I truly love this supplement with everything you need to ensure you get all the nutrients needed for your recovery AND for your hair health! Claim your 10% off with code BONJOURBABY at checkout

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Digest & Destress Powder

Magnesium meet digestive enzymes! Everything you need to promote a healthy digestion, decrease stress, increase sleep quality, and say bye to brain fog!Claim your 10% off with code BONJOURBABY at checkout

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Prenatal Multi Powder

My favorite prenatal vitamins on the market! I spent months looking for the best prenatal available until I found Needed! Use code BONJOURBABY FOR 20% off at checkout! Plus the powder form makes it easier to take it!

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Sleep and Relaxation Support

I absolutely love this powder! Everything you need to make the most of your - little - sleep. Helps you to fall asleep faster, sleep better, be more relaxed and less stressed! Use code BONJOURBABY FOR 20% off at checkout! 

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Gut health is a staple in postpartum health. Without proper gut health, it can be hard to absorb all the nutrients you need during this journey. Pre/Probiotics help you nourish your gut microbiome responsible for your gut health. Use code BONJOURBABY FOR 20% off at checkout! 

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Women's Health Supplements

Complete Women's Health Box

Nutrient deficiencies can contribute to cramps, bloating, breakouts, low energy, hot flashes, and so many more symptoms. These products have 24 ingredients specifically chosen to support hormone balance, sleep, and digestion — all key building blocks of optimal health.

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Better Period Box

These tasty treats support healthy hormonal function, and therefore healthy cycles. Turns out periods don’t have to hurt. Love the cookies by the way! These products have 11 ingredients specifically chosen to support hormone balance, resulting in less painful periods

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Seed Cycling Box

This bundle of seasonings is designed to support your menstrual cycle — whatever phase it's in — via healthy, cycling hormones.

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Clean Family Care by bebon

Bebon is my second baby. I’ve struggled all my life with allergies and skin issues. The personal care products I was using triggered a hormonal imbalance, and the toxins in food triggered an autoimmune gut disease that made my skin issues and rashes worse.

It was nearly impossible to find skincare and body care products without any harmful ingredients - even those made for children.

They were all packed with toxic synthetic chemicals: irritants, allergens, endocrine disruptors, and even carcinogens.

When we decided to have kids, we worried about what products we would be able to use for them. Nothing was good we created what we were looking for: safe, efficient, nontoxic skincare for children and babies!

At Bebon, we’re proud to offer skincare and accessories that are stunningly safe and clean, exactly as they should be.

Skincare and Family Care

Soaps, diaper balm, and lotions. All certified organic, and plastic-free. Cherry on top, all these products plant trees!

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Bath Linen & Accessories

Bath cape, bath glove, washcloth, brush set, and more! All made with organic cotton, and plastic- free. Cherry on top they all plant trees!

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